Here is a list of pub and bar chains/brands that I’ve found in multiple cities in UK, that (often) have gluten free lagers/beer options.


Every high street in any decent sized town has a ‘spoons’. They have a beer (lager) in a bottle that is gluten free.

You probably know where your local Wetherspoons is, but if not they have a map

All bar one

All bar ones are very popular in London. They have Gluten Free Pieroni small bottles

If you are in London you won’t be too far from a All Bar One. Find one on their map

Nicholsons pubs

Not sure if this is a London only chain, but there are quite a few down in London. They have Daura Damm gluten free lagers.

Check out their site

Slug and lettuce

A popular chain in UK of fancy pubs (some have dance floors/loud music) - they have gluten free Pieroni (small bottles)